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A Propane Fleet Like You

A Propane Fleet Like You




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Autogas Fleets in the Propane Industry: Why Using Your Own Fuel Makes Sense

Autogas is an ideal fuel for the propane industry. By using autogas, you will experience more vehicle uptime, while diesel engines spend valuable time in the shop for repairs on complex emissions systems. Additionally, autogas provides fleets the lowest total cost-of-ownership when compared to other fuels, in addition to the benefit of reduced harmful emissions.

Fleets don’t have to wait until they are ready to purchase new vehicles to switch to clean, affordable autogas. Over 60% of autogas vehicles on the road today were converted with a certified aftermarket bi-fuel system. Alliance AutoGas can with this. We can get you the vehicle technology you need to convert your fleet to run on autogas.

By powering your fleet with autogas, you will also receive:
  • Credibility, through using your own fuel
  • Green branding opportunities, improving customer perception
  • Year-round usage with the ability to refuel at your location
  • Drastically lower fuel and maintenance expenses
  • Alternative fuel incentives

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Refueling Infrastructure
Refueling Infrastructure

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Savings and Stability

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Environmental Impact

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Success Stories

Alliance AutoGas has worked closely with numerous propane companies to make their transition to autogas easy. Companies such as Sharp Energy, Phillips Energy, Green’s Blue Flame Gas Company, and Blossman Gas have not only lowered maintenance and fuel costs but they have also grown their gallons by using their own safe, reliable fuel.

Vehicle Systems Your Fleet May Use

The Alliance AutoGas Engineered Systems can be installed on multiple vehicle platforms, offering fleets the benefit of using clean-burning autogas on their existing vehicles. The systems are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ensuring they meet the most current emission standards. Our systems additionally provide the benefit of greatly reduced emissions compared to gasoline or diesel.

Learn more about our EPA Certified Systems.