About Us

About Us

Why Convert to Autogas Infographic

Alliance AutoGas is the only complete program to help American fleets transition from gasoline to autogas. Working with our team to launch a successful autogas program is the easiest, most affordable way to reduce your gasoline consumption, cut fuel costs and lower vehicle emissions. Only Alliance offers the complete autogas package.

We’ll help you figure out if autogas is right for your fleet, provide everything you need to make the shift, and ensure you have the ongoing training and support to make your autogas program a success. And you’ll get access to our national network through a single point of contact.

Our Commitment to Driving Change

Now is the time to take responsibility for our air and our energy. We must act quickly to secure a sustainable, ecologically sound future. By uniting the autogas industry and its many stakeholders, Alliance AutoGas will drive immediate, progressive change in America’s vehicle fuel choice – from conventional gasoline to autogas.

America’s energy independence, air quality and economic future are all directly influenced by our vehicle fuel choices. Autogas must play a role in resolving our country’s energy crisis. It is a clean, economical fuel that is almost entirely domestically produced, easy to implement and safe to use.

We will eliminate thousands of tons of harmful emissions and reduce America’s dependence on imported petroleum.

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