Fleet Stories

Fleet Conversions

Alliance has converted thousands of vehicles to autogas. Public and private fleets are ideal candidates for conversion to propane autogas because they are often characterized by higher mileage within a fixed radius of travel. Current fleet customers have experienced the many benefits of autogas that add to the growing trend of green fleets across the county. Why consider fueling with autogas?

Propane Autogas Diamond On Vehicles
  • Higher mileage = greater fuel cost savings
  • Centralized fleet footprint = onsite fueling
  • Less cost over the life of the vehicle
  • No additional fluids or filters required to meet emissions requirements
  • Significant reductions of greenhouse gas, NOx, and SOX emissions
  • Autogas is a non-contaminant of soil, air, and water

We work with many types of fleets including municipalities, service and utility, food and beverage, school districts, taxi and limo, paratransit, package delivery, healthcare, and many more. How are our fleet customers doing? How much are they saving? Read through our customer success stories to learn how autogas has benefited their business.