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A Letter from Alliance AutoGas President 2022

March 11, 2022

Americans are scrambling again to adjust to rapidly escalating costs for gasoline and diesel. These costs have been creeping into the supply chain for months, affecting everything from food to clothing and medications. The best solution available right here and right now is in plain sight – propane autogas – a transportation fuel used by more than 29 million vehicles globally.

Economic Efficiency

AutoGas has 50% less CO2 emissions than an electric vehicle when considering the source of electricity in our country. The fuel cost savings are an average of 35% lower than gasoline and autogas is domestically produced. Sadly, we are exporting enough propane out of the United States to fuel more than 5 million commercial vehicles.

Domestic Energy

Global issues and disruptions in far-away lands are affecting the lives of people here at home. These events illustrate that energy security is important. It has been for decades. Why wouldn’t our US fleets use a transportation fuel that is better for the environment, more cost effective than traditional fuels, and reduces our dependence on foreign countries? Every company moving essential products and providing services should ask themselves this question. 

Alliance AutoGas is ready to help your company make a transition to autogas, with our world-class technology that can be installed on new or existing vehicles. Don’t change the vehicle, change the fuel and make the switch to propane autogas now.   

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