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NTEA 2018 Work Truck Show Ride and Drive

2018 Autogas Ride And Drive VehicleThe Vehicle & Technology: Alliance AutoGas (AAG), with a history of helping over 10,000 vehicles make the transition from gasoline to propane autogas, conducted a live conversion of a 2016 3.5 Liter Ford F-150 V6 at the Work Truck Show in March 2016, achieving the “Fastest Recorded Alternative Fuel Conversion to Propane Autogas” in a record-setting time of 1:32:25. Alliance AutoGas installed a complete “plug and play” conversion system including a secondary fuel tank to store the autogas, an injector spacer plate, and an engine control unit (ECU). Attendees will have the opportunity to drive this same high-performing vehicle at the 2018 Work Truck Show Ride and Drive!

Conversion Details: The 21-gallon autogas tank was placed on the underbelly of the truck. The ECU acts as the switch that allows the vehicle to toggle from gasoline to autogas. It is connected to the vehicle with one plug. AAG has its own injection technology utilizing an injector spacing plate. The bolt-on part allows, at a set position, for the propane to flow into the engine. The “Plug and Play” technology replaces the need for any drilling or cutting of any parts or wires. The system does not require any permanent vehicle modifications and can be removed, which is especially convenient for fleet managers who lease vehicles. “Any fleet that covers a substantial amount of miles would have a real-life savings very quickly with expectation of continued long term payoff and system reliability,” notes Stephen Holland, Blossman Services, Inc. Director of Engineering.

Coast-to-Coast Clean Air Ride: The vehicle left the Work Truck Show 2016 to begin a cross-country tour in partnership with several Clean Cities Coalitions, the Propane Education & Research Council, Bobit Business Media/Work Truck Magazine, and the American Lung Association of the Southeast, Inc. Ride sponsors/supporters included Blossman Gas, Worthington Industries, Blue Star Gas, thyssenkrupp, and Wounded Warriors of MS. The Alliance AutoGas Coast-to-Coast Clean Air Ride was a 5500 mile, 12 city trip commencing on May 2 in Kansas City, KS, traveling to Seattle, WA, and completing its journey in Jacksonville, FL on May 18. There was an additional “homecoming” event held May 23 in Asheville, NC.

The goals of the F-150’s trip included:

  • Underscore the importance and impact of reducing CO₂ emissions through the use of propane autogas. The 2014 Atlantic Consulting study indicates that most studies that involve comparisons of CO₂, tailpipe emissions from autogas and CNG cars suggest that the reductions in emissions compared with gasoline and diesel are typically about 50% higher.
  • Prove the reliability of propane autogas as an alternative fuel whether for short or long haul travel. With AAG’s network of propane fueling partners nationwide, this vehicle was able to make the journey.
  • Demonstrate how cost-effective propane autogas is when compared to traditional fuels. “We wanted people to see first-hand how simple and easy it is to convert a vehicle, how well it runs, and how it gives the fleet manager a well-documented return,” noted Ed Hoffman, President of Blossman Services, Inc.

Current Vehicle Status: The converted F-150 was put into the Alliance AutoGas fleet upon its return to Asheville. It is currently driven by Happy Fox, AAG Alternative Fuels Consultant and exhibitor for the 2018 Ride and Drive. The vehicle has 102,000+ miles on it (about 60,000 miles added post conversion), and has required only standard maintenance over the two years since the autogas conversion in 2016.

“The cross country trip in Alliance AutoGas’ Ford F-150 was a great opportunity to demonstrate why propane autogas is the world’s Number One alternative fuel. We were able to educate citizens across the country about the extended range of autogas vehicles as well as the benefits of real cost savings and emissions reductions. The continued use of this vehicle in our own fleet proves that the propane autogas vehicle is not just a viable alternative, but a solution of preference for American fleet managers.”

Stuart E. Weidie, President and CEO of Blossman Gas and President of Alliance AutoGas

For more information on the converted F-150 Ride and Drive vehicle, contact Happy Fox, AAG Alternative Fuels Consultant, at 828-575-8024 or

For more information and press kit about AAG at the 2018 Work Truck Show:

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