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Alliance AutoGas Continues Expanding Service Center Network

Alliance AutoGas (AAG) has seen tremendous growth over recent years, as the movement to transition to alternative fuels has become more and more mainstream. As the autogas segment continues to develop, AAG has been committed to growing its National Network of service and installation centers, adding 23 new locations in 2019 alone. To date, 127 service center locations nationwide are trained and certified to maintain and install the Alliance AutoGas Engineered system. By continuing to grow its Conversion and Installation Center Network, AAG is assuring growth of the autogas movement for years to come, and adding to their already significant foundation of support for the more than 200,000 autogas vehicles already on the road.

Kykers Xtreme Automotive newly trained propane autogas service techs pictured in front of propane autogas police vehicle

Of these service center locations, Kyker’s Extreme Automotive, which is owned and operated by Dale and Lisa Kyker, has served the Greeneville, TN area since 1982. “We actually started propane conversions in 1988 for a local fleet, and one of those trucks is still in use today,” said Dale. Kyker’s Extreme Automotive became a Certified Conversion Center for AAG in 2018. “Working with AAG has been simple, straight-forward, and the training was top notch. The AAG conversion systems are relatively flawless and very well designed. We believe propane is a great alternative fuel with less of a carbon footprint than gasoline. It can save the taxpayer money and increase our officer’s ability to stay on the scene, which makes it a win for everyone involved.” The Town of Greeneville, TN police fleet is currently utilizing 18 Alliance AutoGas engineered systems, which were installed by Kyker’s Extreme Automotive.

Advanced VTech, located Buffalo Grove, IL, did not have a traditional start like most Automotive Care Services. David Hagopian and his partner Ron Sheble founded the business in 2012 after wanting a change from their corporate careers. “I was doing chemical engineering, and Ron was in finance at the time. We knew we wanted to do something on our own, and I always carried an interest in alternative fuel. I couldn’t help but notice how much it was utilized internationally throughout my travels, and I also have family who farm in California that run everything on propane.” Advanced VTech discovered Alliance AutoGas at the annual NTEA Work Truck Show. “I met Ed Hoffman [President of Blossman Services, the distribution partner of AAG] at the show, and was very intrigued with everything he had to say. The training AAG did at our service center was great. Their conversion systems are top of the field in design. There are fewer wiring harness failures, and installation does not involve cutting or stripping,” says David. Advanced VTech enjoys supporting several fleets including the Town of Elmhurst, IL.

Don Cusson, who owns and operates Cusson Automotive in Windsor CT, had some initial reservations about working with alternative fuel vehicles. Before opening his own business 27 years ago, Don had worked in a variety of automotive businesses, including a Ford Dealership. “We have seen it all as long as we have been in business. In the 80s and 90s, alternative fuels had potential, however, propane autogas did not have consistent systems and the return on investment was questionable,” he says. After hearing about and seeing the technological advancements AAG has made with its engineered autogas systems, Don knew he wanted to collaborate as a partner. “Every step of the process has been seamless with AAG. Stacey Snyder [Equipment Conversion Technician for Blossman Services] came up and spent a week with us, and he was very thorough. From training our staff, covering every detail of the conversion process, and answering all of our questions, I believe it made a big difference for our business,” said Cusson. Regarding the system’s performance, he adds, “The plug and play format is a remarkable advancement for the autogas industry. Our customers have been very pleased with the conversions we have completed with the AAG technology.” Cusson Automotive works to support several fleets throughout the northeast, including the Town of Greenwich, CT.

AAG is grateful for all its Conversion and Installation Center Networks across the county. These partnerships help unite the movement to make domestically produced autogas prevalent in the United States. Ed Hoffman, president of Blossman Services – the distribution partner of Alliance AutoGas, says “Any vehicle technology will fail without proper field support for the end user. All of our premier service centers are handpicked and matched to meet the expectations and culture of our customers. I am very proud of these relationships and enjoy working together towards a common goal.”

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