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Alliance AutoGas Develops Propane Autogas Evacuation Pump

School bus market benefits as pump safely evacuates autogas tanks without losing gas or venting into the atmosphere

School Bus Filling Up With AutogasSeven percent of all school buses now operate on propane autogas.  Year over year school systems continue to adopt this alternative fuel to meet sustainability goals, reduce costs, and more importantly, eliminate harmful particulate matter emissions from the air students breathe. Due to the growing prevalence of autogas school buses, technicians are now being required to obtain specialized tools to safely service these autogas vehicles.

One of the major components of the growing autogas school bus market is the onboard fuel storage tank. This tank consists of an internal fuel pump, as well as multiple valves and sensors that can require servicing. The nature of propane requires it to be stored under moderate pressure, therefore, service cannot be completed with any fuel or pressure in the tank. This led Alliance AutoGas to develop the first Autogas Evacuation Pump, which was designed to remove propane from autogas tanks when service or repairs are required.

The Autogas Evacuation Pump can evacuate a typical autogas tank filled with 44 useable gallons of propane autogas in 1.5 hours while also removing all vapor pressure. This leaves the tank ready for service.

A fleet technician using this device may transfer fuel from the vehicle’s tank being serviced to another autogas vehicle, a refueling station, or a separate propane autogas storage tank. This process can be reversed to refill the vehicle after the service has been completed.

Key benefits of the Autogas Evacuation Pump for school bus service LPG Evacuation Pumpinclude:

  • Completely air operated, eliminating electrical components and possible electrical ignition sources for increased safety*
    • Rugged, pneumatic wheels that allow ease of movement over rough, off-road surfaces
    • A visual flow indicator that allows the user to visually monitor the transfer of propane during the evacuation process
    • Optional vapor flaring mode to allow flaring by trained propane professionals and autogas technicians

The Autogas Evacuation Pump is available through Alliance AutoGas, or your local propane equipment supplier.  To learn more about the Autogas Evacuation Pump, contact David Kennedy, Director of Autogas Design, at 828-329-3529,

* A commercial twin piston or scroll type air compressor will be needed to operate the Autogas Evacuation Pump at its optimum performance levels. 20CFM@70psi

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