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Alliance AutoGas Saves $32 Million

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Propane Autogas Network Displaces 18.6 Million Gallons of Gasoline

Dollar SignsAlliance AutoGas, the brainchild of Blossman Gas president and CEO Stuart Weidie, has chalked up fuel cost savings of $32 million while displacing the use of 18.6 million gallons of gasoline since its inception in 2009, the organization said Monday.

Alliance AutoGas has 91 members including propane supply companies, vehicle conversion outfits, and technology partners in 43 states. “With over 150 vehicle platform certifications obtained, Alliance AutoGas has been quietly switching thousands of U.S. fleet vehicles to run on autogas,” the announcement states.

The organization claims 280 fleets serviced, 6,200 vehicles converted nationwide, and more than 220 million miles driven by those fleets.

‘An Immediate, Very Practical Solution’

“Businesses and government organizations that rely on vehicle fleets continue to face a very real crisis in the convergence of high fuel prices, demands for cleaner air, and strong pressure to reduce our dependence on foreign oil,” Weidie said in a release.

“There is now a national conversation about propane autogas, which provides an immediate, very practical solution.”

Heavier Vehicles Too

Blossman handles Dutch Prins bi-fuel propane autogas-gasoline vehicle conversion systems, and recently announced a new joint venture for propane-diesel dual fuel for heavier vehicles with Canada’s BL Energie.

BL Energie USA is to develop and market U.S. EPA- and California-certified systems for diesel displacement on Class 7 and Class 8 trucks (F&F, March 11). Diesel displacement reduces emissions and can provide a fuel cost savings up to 17%.

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