Blog>Alliance AutoGas Showcases Industry Innovation at World LP Gas Forum in Miami

Alliance AutoGas Showcases Industry Innovation at World LP Gas Forum in Miami

New Vehicle Technology Image of Car Light AbstractAlliance AutoGas will be participating in the upcoming World Propane Gas Forum in Miami. This annual, unique event travels the globe annually attracting key international agencies, policy makers, media and the highest level of industry leaders to explore the LP Gas business, discuss its growth potential and to forge new business relationships.

Alliance AutoGas and its extended members have now grown to 100 companies in 48 states plus all of Canada and Nova Scotia. Alliance Autogas members are aligned to provide propane autogas for vehicles and lawn care companies throughout North America. Blossman Gas, Inc. is the managing member.

In the on-road autogas market, Alliance has installed over 700 refueling facilities in the US and Canada. In addition, Alliance has converted more than 6,200 vehicles to run on clean-burning propane with units sales increasing monthly. In 2013 alone, the Alliance AutoGas members collectively displaced 18.6 million gallons of gasoline and shown $32 million in fuel cost savings for the 280 fleets serviced by the Alliance.

The Alliance AutoGas booth at the World Propane Gas Forum, will display examples of Alliance’s leadership and development role in the industry. Alliance AutoGas will be showcasing the Prins Direct LiquiMax 2.0 system, the Dieselblend system for heavy duty Class 7 & 8 trucks, Blossman Service Inc.’s ENERkit, a high quality conversion kit to the lawn care industry, and the AutoGas TᴲMR Fleet Fuel Management System featuring the Staubli nozzle.

Blossman Services Inc. (BSI) is the exclusive United States distributor of Prins Autogas products and manufacturer of record, which is required to apply for EPA and CARB Certifications on behalf of Alliance AutoGas and its members. In addition, Blossman Services Inc. sells and installs the ENERkit Small Engines conversion system available for both EPA and non-EPA certified engines.

Netherlands-based Prins Autogas, worldwide supplier of alternative fuel systems for light, medium and heavy duty vehicles, has been a highly recognized leader in the development of alternative fuel systems for more than 25 years, forming a partnership with Alliance AutoGas
and BSI in January, 2013. Prins won the World LP Gas Associations’ Innovation Award for its Dieselblend 2.0 System that will be presented at the WLPGF in Miami.

Canada’s BL Energie, Inc. and U.S. based Blossman Services Inc. formed new joint venture in the US, – BL Energie USA. BL Energie USA will develop, certify, and sell diesel displacement systems for heavy duty Class 7 & 8 trucks. The diesel blend technology allows existing diesel engines to use a blend of propane and diesel, providing reduced diesel emissions and fuel cost savings up to 20%.

The Small Engines Division of BSI distributes the ENERkit conversion systems for engines used in commercial mowers, generators, forklifts, irrigation systems, and CHP systems. BSI recently announced the design and manufacture of a mower conversion kit that will meet EPA certification standards across a variety of platforms. The ENERkit provides cost savings and a high quality conversion kit to the lawn care industry and the U.S. propane industry. In addition to small engine conversions, Blossman Services provides direct engineering and fuel system support to small engine OEM’s.

Blossman Services new dispenser system, the TᴲMR Fleet Fuel Management System, will provide fleet managers with the ability to better monitor and control fuel inventories in real time. The Alliance AutoGas TᴲMR Fleet Fuel Management System is based on industry platforms Comdata, Superior Energy Systems, global ATM manufacturer Triton Systems and features the Staubli nozzle. The new Staubli Auto Connect nozzle requires no gloves or eye wear, and fuels 80% faster than natural gas and diesel.

Blossman Services Inc. is also opening its new Autogas Research and Technology Center located in Asheville NC. The world- class center will focus on development of propane autogas vehicle platforms and technician training. As the authorized Prins Autogas distributor in the U.S., Blossman Services, Inc. inventories a large stock of Prins propane conversion systems and replacement parts in support of fleets and conversion partners.

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