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New Delaware Propane Autogas Fueling Station

Alliance AutoGas Partners with Sharp Energy on Company’s 7th Public Propane Autogas Fueling Station

Sharp Autogas Fueling Station DelawareSharp Energy, Inc., a wholly- owned subsidiary of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation (NYSE.CPK) recently opened the new Sharp Energy headquarters building and autogas fueling station in Georgetown, Delaware. The autogas fueling station was developed in partnership with Alliance AutoGas, a national network of over 120 companies who deliver alternative fueling solutions, including EPA-certified autogas  vehicle conversions, on-site fueling infrastructure, fuel supply, safety and operational training and on-going technical support.

Ed Hoffman, President, Blossman Services, Inc. notes, “It is encouraging to see continued investment in propane autogas.  With affordable dispensing infrastructure and easy to adapt conversion technology, fleets are able to experience a positive ROI in a year or two, and help clean the air utilizing the cleanest fossil fuel available.”

Sharp Energy’s new headquarters site is the location of the seventh public autogas fueling station in the Mid-Atlantic region. “We’re very proud to add this propane fueling station to Sussex County,” said Elaine B. Bittner, Senior Vice-President of Strategic Development and Chief Operating Officer of Sharp Energy, Inc. “The stations are supporting the Company’s environmental initiatives in supplying propane, a clean, alternative fuel to the rapidly growing number of fleet vehicles in the area. Autogas –powered vehicles produce up to 20% lower emissions than gasoline vehicles and offer substantial cost savings on fuel and maintenance.”

Truly the only one stop shop in the on-road autogas market, Alliance AutoGas has installed over 800 refueling facilities in the US and Canada. In addition, Alliance has converted or participated in supplying autogas to more than 10,000 propane autogas vehicles and buses in North America, helping them run on clean-burning propane with unit sales increasing monthly.  In the past year, Alliance members collectively displaced 45 million gallons of gasoline and produced $70 million in fuel cost savings for the 550 fleets they service.

Key innovations in the marketplace developed by Alliance AutoGas are their engineered systems that can be installed in only a few hours.  These systems do not require any permanent vehicle modifications.  All wiring is “plug and play,” with all parts being bracketed and designed to be installed without any drilling or fabrication.  By deploying these features, labor times and conversion costs are significantly reduced.  Recent innovations in dispensers and filling hardware, such as the ultra-low emission filling nozzle and the “Safe Connect” vehicle valve, give the operator the ability to fill the vehicle faster than gasoline without the need for any personal protective devices.

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