Blog>Staubli Nozzle and Accessories Continue to Connect and Resonate with Fleets throughout North America

Staubli Nozzle and Accessories Continue to Connect and Resonate with Fleets throughout North America

Staubli Nozzle Plus Connector
Shown on left: Black Plastic Housing / Cap / Euro Filler Kit Shown on right: Staubli UL certified GPV14 LPG Nozzle

Announced this past December by Alliance AutoGas, the Ultra- Low Propane Autogas Staubli Nozzle is being offered to include adapters, connectors, caps and valves. Full distribution was started in February across North America with huge acceptance and approval by not only fleets currently using propane autogas, but the propane industry as well.

Shane Williams the fleet manager of The Biltmore Estate, nestled in the mountains of North Carolina, reports a greatly increased efficiency and ease of operation for his drivers since the Ultra-Low Propane Autogas Staubli Nozzle was installed at their fleet fueling station.

Adds Williams, Fleet Manager of Biltmore Fleet Management, “We have eight guest shuttle buses that have been converted to propane and two police vehicles. In the coming months we will be adding five more shuttle buses that will be converted to propane. I have had great feedback from our drivers and officers that this new low emission nozzle was a great improvement from the old style. Also, Blossman and Alliance AutoGas provide us with great on- going technical support and training for our staff.”

The Alliance AutoGas network members also began installing the connector and using the nozzle for all new autogas installations in 2015. Such installations have been completed by propane autogas dispenser manufacturer Superior Energy; Bergquist Inc., Rutherford Equipment and Blossman Services. According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center, there are 2,700 propane autogas fueling stations in the U.S. alone, in addition to the Alliance’s 460 fleet locations.

During fleet changeover to this new technology, adapters allow the transition to happen between the Acme nozzle and the new Euro Fill Connector or from the Staubli to the Acme.

The quick connect technology brings autogas refueling into the modern age at the fuel pump. The full line of nozzle, connector and adapters are now available for all autogas users in North America through equipment distributors.

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