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2017 Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference & Expo

Converted Ford Autogas Truck at Sustainability ConferenceAlliance AutoGas will be participating at the 2017 Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference & Expo Wednesday through Friday, October 11th – 13th at the Raleigh Convention Center. Featured speakers from Alliance AutoGas include Stuart Weidie (CEO of Alliance AutoGas), Ed Hoffman and Happy Fox.

Autogas vehicles on display will include:

Explorer Interceptor, AAG Booth #107

Autogas Truck, NCPGA Booth

F150, Main Lobby

F150, Ride & Drive

Alliance AutoGas is the only complete program that helps American fleets transition from gasoline to autogas, the world’s most popular alternative fuel. Over 99% of autogas is produced in North America, allowing for energy independence and a reliable fuel source. Working with Alliance AutoGas to launch a successful autogas program is the easiest, most affordable way for fleets to reduce gasoline consumption, cut fuel costs and lower vehicle emissions.

  • Autogas lowers harmful emissions significantly when compared to gasoline and diesel vehicles
  • Autogas greatly reduces pollutants such as particulate matter
  • Autogas is nontoxic and water soluble
  • Autogas reduces your carbon footprint by up to 96% compared to other fuels when considering total emissions

(source: World LP Gas Assoc.)

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