Law Enforcement Fleets Receive Hands-on Training on Merits of Propane Autogas Conversion

Law enforcement fleets receive hands-on training on the merits of propane autogas conversions.

Alliance AutoGas Certifies Big Three Automakers for Bi-fuel Propane Autogas Conversions

Alliance AutoGas leads the industry with EPA certifications for bi-fuel propane autogas conversions.

Truck Fleet Prefers Bi-Fuel Propane System

Shaw Still, President and CEO of Olympic Pool Plastering prefers the bi-fuel propane system for his truck fleet.

Staubli Nozzle and Accessories Continue to Connect and Resonate with Fleets throughout North America

The Ultra- Low Propane Autogas Staubli Nozzle is being offered to include adapters, connectors, caps and valves.

Choosing an Alternative Fuel for Our Cities

Over 24 million autogas vehicles are in operation throughout the world, utilizing more than 70,000 Autogas refueling sites. Autogas is one of the most viable alternative fuels available today.

Alliance AutoGas Showcases Industry Innovation at World LP Gas Forum in Miami

The Alliance AutoGas booth at the World Propane Gas Forum, will display examples of Alliance’s leadership and development role in the industry.

Autogas Research & Technology Center Opens in Asheville, North Carolina

Blossman Services, Inc. and Alliance AutoGas have opened its world class Autogas Research & Technology Center in Asheville, North Carolina.

Alliance AutoGas Receives Clean Air Excellence Award

Asheville-area based Alliance AutoGas recently received from the Western North Carolina Regional Air Quality Agency a Clean Air Excellence Award the Special Award category.

Propane Autogas For Fleets: Study Identifies Some Key Considerations

The Mississippi Propane Gas Association recently commissioned a study conducted by the Stennis Institute at Mississippi State University that found propane autogas offers “numerous benefits” as a fleet fuel versus gasoline and diesel.

Alliance AutoGas Launches Fuel Management Dispenser System for Autogas Fleets

The new dispenser system provides numerous enhancements including a durable Card Reader System, Data Management, Real-Time Communications and a world leading Ultra low-Emission Fueling nozzle.

Alliance AutoGas Saves $32 Million

Alliance AutoGas has chalked up fuel cost savings of $32 million while displacing the use of 18.6 million gallons of gasoline since its inception in 2009.

UPS to Operate 1,000 Propane Autogas Vehicles

UPS announced today it plans to purchase 1,000 propane-autogas-fueled package delivery trucks and install an initial 50 autogas fueling stations at UPS locations.