Propane research center opening in Asheville – Asheville plant to test and certify kits, train techs

The research center in Asheville will import a top Dutch technology from a company called PRINS, test and certify the kits, and train technicians from across the country how to install them on fleets of school buses and other vehicles.

Propane Autogas: Most Widely Used Alternative Fuel Is Also Safest

When it comes to the transportation of children, school fleet directors know that propane autogas school buses are the safe choice.

With gas prices so high, why no rush to propane?

Propane has a well-established infrastructure and it’s really the only alternate fuel that can be purchased from coast to coast and in all the urban and rural areas in between.

Small business is saving big on fuel costs with propane autogas trucks

After Switching 8 Trucks to Propane-Autogas, Small Business Expects to Save $16K in Fuel

Biltmore converts shuttles to propane autogas through Alliance AutoGas program

In partnership with Alliance AutoGas, the Biltmore recently converted two of the 15 shuttle buses in its fleet to autogas and installed a fueling station on the grounds to provide a year-round supply.

Newport News Converts Vehicles to Run on Propane

The city of Newport News says it expects to save $22,000 per year after converting a fleet of its vehicles to use propane gas.

Alliance AutoGas President Discusses the Future of the Alternative Fuel Industry

The natural gas derivative can be produced domestically, burns cleaner than gasoline, and on average costs $1.35 less per gallon at the pump.

Alliance AutoGas Partner, Blue Star Gas, says ‘Don’t Change the Vehicle, Change the Fuel’ to West Coast Fleets

Propane suppliers see Autogas as a mutually beneficial opportunity for their business and for companies that rely on fleets of vehicles.

Alliance AutoGas To Build America’s Largest Statewide Propane AutoGas Fueling Network

Alliance AutoGas to build America’s largest statewide propane autogas fueling network.

Alliance AutoGas President Stuart Weidie Introduces U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack

Alliance AutoGas President Stuart Weidie introduces U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack at alternative fuel press briefing and facility tour.