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Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference – Raleigh, NC, August 14-16 2023 

Providers and leaders in fleet technology assembled in Raleigh, NC, to share industry ideas, trends and strategies that improve sustainability of fleet operations.   

Stuart Weidie, President and CEO of Alliance AutoGas, had two opportunities to present the significance of using propane autogas for vehicle fleets. With high attendance in both presentations, Advancements in Medium/Heavy-Duty Vehicles and Infrastructure & New Models for Fueling and Charging, Stuart was able to raise awareness of the uses autogas right now and for the future. He discussed the availability of vast vehicle platforms offered, easy deployment of infrastructure, and the approaching availability of renewable propane. Garnering many questions and comments, it was apparent that Stuart sparked the interest of those in attendance.  

Michael Naglieri, Fleet Maintenance Manager with Davidson County Transportation, offered one of his vehicles at the conference to represent Alliance AutoGas. The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD, with an AAG bi-fuel system equipped, attracted many attendees to the vehicle. Michael knows and has seen the true results of using propane autogas for a transportation fleet, which truly resonated with others interested in learning more. Michael said his time at the conference was a great opportunity to raise awareness, “Using propane autogas is a solution that other fleet agencies can take advantage of right now. Being able to help the environment and increase fuel savings allows us to do many things we would not be able to do without the use of propane autogas. And working with Alliance AutoGas gives us a peace of mind that we are making a difference”. 

The 2023 Green Fleet Awards, presented by The NAFA Fleet Management Association, recognized Alliance AutoGas customer Blossman Gas, Inc. as the #48 fleet in North America. The Green Fleet Awards recognizes peak-performing fleet sustainability efforts and honors fleets who have enhanced practices to make a positive impact on the environment. Blossman Gas, Inc. has implemented green initiatives and sustainability practices as an organization, while continuing to advocate the use of propane autogas as an alternative fuel. Another customer of Alliance AutoGas, Chesterfield County, VA, came in at #27. They were also awarded a special acknowledgement for their fleet as Best Fuel Technology Integration. 

About Autogas

Automotive LPG/Auto LPG – is the world’s 3rd most widely used transport fuel and the most accessible alternative transport fuel. LPG emits almost negligible particulates, less CO2, and fewer emissions such as NOx. Driving an LPG vehicle is safe, easy and, in many countries, considerably cheaper than driving a gasoline or diesel model. Over 28 million vehicles globally run on Autogas, consuming over 25 million tonnes of LPG a year. The case for Autogas as a clean, modern, transport fuel becomes even stronger with LPG being sourced from renewables.

Autogas Day

Autogas Day, which is celebrated on November 17th this year, is a dedicated conference that takes place once a year, providing a global platform to discuss the most recent developments in Autogas, from policy trends, to market success stories, to innovation.

It is also an opportunity for the industry to get involved through local activities targeting key stakeholders worldwide. There is a global push towards carbon neutrality and improved air quality, and while there is a consensus on the need to act, the path is not always clear.

Why Autogas

There are immediate benefits in transitioning to LPG as a transport fuel (Autogas). The opportunities for Autogas are part of the ongoing discussions with industry experts, car manufacturers, policy makers and influencers. These include the compelling proposition of lower emissions. When compared to gasoline or diesel, autogas substantially reduces greenhouse gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxide as well as non-regulated emissions including aromatic hydrocarbons, benzene, and sulfur dioxide. Converting your vehicles to autogas means your fleet will be green.

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On April 24th, The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has announced $400 million dollars in funding to incentivize and accelerate the replacement of existing school buses with clean school buses, including propane buses! This is the first grant funding opportunity through the multi-year funding program and follows the 2022 CSB Rebate Program, which was the first round of funding. Under the 2023 Grant Program, the EPA anticipates awarding approximately $400 million in competitive grant funding to eligible applicants for the purchase of zero-emission (ZE) school buses, clean school buses, and ZE charging infrastructure.

Propane buses are eligible for up to $35,000 per bus. While the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) continues to fight for increased funding, we are glad to see a small but incremental advancement towards parity with electric buses: between 2022 and 2023, propane bus funding rose an average of 19% across categories, electric rose an average of 4.25%, and CNG stayed flat with no increases.

This Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) includes two sub-programs, one for school district and Tribal applicants (School District Sub-program) and one for third-party applicants (Third-Party Sub-program). EPA is providing two separate competitions under this single NOFO to address the unique needs and concerns of diverse recipients and encourage participation in the CSB grants program. 

EPA is prioritizing applications that will replace buses serving high-need local education agencies, rural areas, Tribal school districts funded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and public school districts receiving basic support payments for students living on Tribal land, and rural areas. In addition, EPA is committed to ensuring the CSB Program delivers on the Biden-Harris Administration’s Justice40 Initiative that at least 40% of the benefits of certain federal investments flow to disadvantaged communities.

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