Alliance AutoGas and Local Law Enforcement

Alliance AutoGas is the only complete program to help American fleets transition from gasoline to autogas, law enforcement included. Working with our team to launch a successful autogas program is the easiest, most affordable way […]

Autogas VS Gasoline Prices

There are several benefits to using autogas over gasoline. Less environmental impact, more uptime due to low maintenance and infrastructure costs, autogas being domestically produced, and more. However, the benefit of autogas that catches most […]

Tax Credit for Alternative Fuel Motor Vehicles

If your business utilizes propane for motor vehicles, you can now get tax credits thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. The new law extends the Alternative Fuel Tax Credit which is available to […]

A Letter from Alliance AutoGas President 2022

Global issues and disruptions are affecting the lives of people here at home. These events illustrate that energy security is important.

Autogas Alternative Fuel Programs Highlighted at WTW22

Alliance AutoGas and Bass Pro Shop’s Big Cedar Lodge are highlighting their new partnership at this year’s NTEA Work Truck Week (WTW22) event.

Propane vs. Electric

While it is assumed that electrification will lead to decarbonization, there’s been little thought on how it is generated, stored, transmitted, and consumed.

Alliance AutoGas Secures Second Autogas Patent

AAG received their second autogas patent for their refueling innovation of liquefied petroleum (LP) gas in a vehicle tank.

Renewable Propane Arrives in Virginia

Renewable propane is significantly lowering emissions in even more states with Virginia investing in their first gallons. The city of Petersburg’s police and shuttle vehicle fleets, partnered with Alliance AutoGas, are converting 49 vehicles from […]

Renewable Propane Has Arrived

Energy leaders are looking to utilize renewable propane in the United States right now. Renewable propane solves environmental problems while offering the additional benefits of traditional propane.

Study Shows Propane Defeats Electric for Carbon Footprint in Trucks

Studies have found that propane-powered medium and heavy-duty vehicles provide a lower carbon footprint compared to similarly built electric vehicles that are charged using the electric grid.

Alliance AutoGas Participating in Upcoming Roundtable

Join Alliance AutoGas and others in a roundtable discussion around propane autogas and the role it plays in providing essential services.

Energy Unplugged with Stuart Weidie: A New Podcast Series on Modern Energy Solutions

Energy Unplugged with Stuart Weidie is a thought-provoking new podcast series that explores modern energy solutions in the U.S. and abroad.