Propane Autogas Presents Opportunities for School Challenges

School districts are bracing for a year of financial challenges, which is why many are turning to propane autogas for their school transportation needs.

Alliance AutoGas Featured on Industry Radio Shows

Stuart Weidie, President of Alliance AutoGas, has recently promoted the benefits of autogas to multiple media outlets.

Alliance AutoGas FiveTales Racing Earns Spot in Top 5 at ChampCar Race

Alliance AutoGas sponsored, FiveTales Racing, earns spot in the Top 5 at the ChampCar Endurance Series.

Alliance AutoGas Partner Providing Meals for Kids

The entire world is facing both personal and professional challenges in the fight against COVID-19. While social distancing and staying at home are key parts of winning this fight, many businesses and organizations deemed essential […]

FiveTales Racing Update

FiveTales Racing is tentatively set to return to racing on July 11th at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Town of Greeneville Essential Workers Finding Success with Alternative Fuels

The Town of Greeneville, TN, reduced the town’s expenses as well as their impact on the environment by fueling with autogas.

Walking the Walk: Alliance AutoGas Partner Coverts Entire Fleet to Propane Autogas

Green’s Blue Flame Gas Company is leading by example in the propane industry by converting 100% of their fleet to autogas.

A Letter from Alliance AutoGas President

A Letter from Alliance AutoGas President March 25, 2020 Our country is going through one of the most challenging periods in its history. There is no doubt that the health crisis is impacting individuals and […]

Extra Measures to Keep Communities Safe and Limit the Spread of COVID-19

At Alliance AutoGas, safety is our highest priority. With that in mind, we are taking extra measures to keep our communities safe and limit the spread of COVID-19.

Alliance AutoGas to Unveil New Technology at NTEA Work Truck Show

Alliance AutoGas will be unveiling its latest technology at the Work Truck Show – the new aftermarket autogas system for the 2020 Ford F250 7.3 8v.

American Traffic Safety Services Association Show

Alliance AutoGas presented their aftermarket alternative fuel technology in a Ford F-150 at the American Traffic Safety Services Association Show.

2020 New Autogas Technology

Alliance AutoGas is excited to announce their progress on 2020 and 2021 model year vehicle development programs and new autogas technology.